Helping You With Your Stepparent Adoption

At Peppler Law P.A., we help families with stepparent adoptions. We represent clients in Oviedo, Winter Springs, Orlando and throughout Seminole County who need assistance with their adoptions in Florida.

Your Options When Pursuing Stepparent Adoption

Adopting a stepchild should be a happy occasion for your family. This is a more simplified process than a domestic or international adoption. However, an experienced attorney on your side is essential to make sure the adoption goes as smooth as possible.

The stepparent adoption process requires the biological parent to consent to the adoption and termination of their parental rights. If this is not obtained, a court-ordered termination of parental rights is required for a stepparent adoption to be approved.

In cases where a biological parent is no longer involved in their child’s life, you can try to terminate their parental rights. We will help you serve the parent with the order. If we cannot locate where the parent lives, we can serve him or her by publication in order to get their rights terminated.

We will advocate for your interests every step of the way. Our knowledge of the family law system helps us find a resolution while providing cost-effective and efficient representation to you.

Let Us Help You

Our goal is to help you through this process by providing the care and detailed attention you deserve. Our stepparent adoption lawyer will guide you through this process, answer your questions and help you and your family move forward with your lives. Call 407-792-6697 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.