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Contempt and Enforcement

If an individual fails to comply with a court order regarding any aspect of family law, such as child support, shared parenting, or spousal support, a contempt motion can be filed to enforce the order.
At Peppler Law P.A., we assist residents who need to file a contempt motion, as well as those who face a contempt charge for not complying with a court order. We have a strong track record of enforcing court orders and defending against contempt charges. Attorney Thomas R. Peppler has more than four decades of legal experience, much of it serving residents throughout Central Florida in the full scope of family law matters. We work with clients in Winter Springs, Oviedo, and throughout Central Florida.

What Is Contempt?

Contempt charges stem from a failure to adhere to any part of a court agreement. Some of the more common contempt problems in family law are:
  • Failure to pay child support or spousal support
  • Failure to follow a court-issued parenting plan regarding visitation
  • Failure to comply with property division orders
  • Failure to comply with restraining orders or protective orders
The court’s enforcement actions may include sanctions, such as suspension of one’s driver’s license and motor vehicle registration. Other penalties are withholding a tax refund, seizing property or bank accounts, and wage garnishment. In severe cases of non-compliance, jail time may be the penalty. At Peppler Law P.A., we advocate aggressively for clients who do not receive the child support or spousal support they are owed. We have proven experience to address your legal challenges.

How to Prove Contempt

In demonstrating to a family court judge that an individual is in contempt, it is necessary to have a valid court order in effect. The non-compliant person must be aware of the court order. It is necessary to show evidence that the non-compliant person has shown a willful disregard for the court order. The individual must have been given notice of a contempt hearing and a chance to defend their actions.
Contempt is a willful act. The inability to pay is a valid defense against a contempt of court charge. You may not be paying child support or spousal support due to extended unemployment or because of an illness or injury that prevents you from working. You may not be able to comply with the parenting plan due to employment relocation. In these cases, we can help you defend against a contempt charge and you may be able to seek a modification to the existing agreement. We have worked with many clients in similar situations, and we offer legal guidance to determine if you have a case that requires an enforcement action or if the motion against you is unjust.

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