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Trusted Advice For
You And Your Family

Understanding Paternity Rights And Obligations

Under Florida law, parents have the same obligations to their children whether they were married at the time of birth or not. It is important to note, however, that while paternity is presumed when a child is born to a married couple, that is not the case when a child is born out of wedlock. If a child’s mother is not married when the child is born, the child does not automatically have a legal father. Legal paternity must be established by signing an acknowledgment of paternity.

If paternity is not established at the time of birth, there are many ways to do so later. There are a number of important reasons to establish paternity, including:

  • To enforce child support
  • To protect parental rights such as shared parenting time
  • To provide the child the ability to receive Social Security, veterans benefits, inheritances and any legal judgments received by a deceased father
  • To provide access to information regarding the father’s family medical history

Secure Representation From An Experienced Paternity Attorney

A Florida paternity case typically begins when one person files a complaint against the other in court. If you have been notified about a paternity suit, it is important to respond within the right time frame. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting several key arguments.

Issues regarding paternity and its impact on both mothers’ and fathers’ rights are complex. Our experienced lawyer will take the time to explain all of the legal rights and obligations that paternity provides. We work with residents throughout Seminole and Orange counties.

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