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Substance abuse can affect child custody and visitation

Child custody and visitation issues are sometimes amongst the most highly contested family law matters. Splitting couples may feud over these arrangements, with each believing it knows what is best for the child in question. When these matters cannot be settled outside of court, they must be determined by a judge after the presentation of evidence. This decision will be based on the best interests of the child, which takes several factors into consideration.

Men often pushed to the side in child custody and support cases

Issues related to child custody and child support can linger until a child reaches the age of majority, which is 18. The outcome of disputes involving these issues can have serious ramifications. Relationships with one's children can be built or destroyed, and financial standing can be solidified or ruined. Therefore, there is a lot at stake when dealing with child custody and support matters, which is why those confronting them should consider seeking help from a qualified family law attorney.

Modifying a child custody agreement in Florida

Modification of a child custody agreement is not a matter taken lightly by any court. A party must be able to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that changes have taken place which directly affect the well-being and safety of a child. The child's best interests will always remain the heart of any custody agreement. While the state of Florida has made it easy to file a modification petition, that does not mean that a Judge will easily grant one.

Child custody & support worries are understandable in Florida

Many Florida residents may wonder whether they should stay in a situation that is not ideal if it means saving others from being significantly impacted. This concern may be one for some parents considering divorce. They may worry that ending the marriage could cause children to face negative outcomes due to the child custody & support settlements. Though these concerns are understandable, parents may wish to consider the situation from various angles. 

Florida co-parents may face child custody & support issues

Going through divorce can take a serious toll on the couple involved and any children they may have. Florida residents may face concerns when it comes to child custody & support, and as a result, their custody arrangements may not always be foolproof. Though many individuals may opt for co-parenting as part of their agreements, both parents may not share an equal load.

Child custody & support may concern Florida parents

Divorcing parents often face many concerns when it comes to the well-being of their children. Because there are various aspects of their lives that could be disrupted due to the divorce, Florida parents in this type of situation will likely want to find out how they may best handle their child custody & support proceedings. As such, information on the different types of custody could prove valuable.

Child custody & support problems may lead to Florida legal action

Not paying child support can have negative impacts on multiple individuals. Many single Florida parents rely on such support in order to buy necessities for their children. However, child custody & support issues are not uncommon, and if individuals do not make their required payments, they could face serious legal action in both criminal and family law courtrooms.

Negative actions could lead to child custody & support issues

When Florida residents are concerned for the welfare of their children, the idea of potentially having to share custody could be anxiety-inducing. As a result, many individuals going through divorce could face considerable child custody & support issues. If parties would like to make the most out of their situations in attempts to make custody arrangements workable, they may wish to avoid certain actions.

Child custody & support issues may worry Florida parents

When parents divorce, it is common for custody proceedings to take place in order to determine where the children involved will spend their time and with whom. Child custody & support arrangements are legally binding, and if individuals fail to adhere to those terms, they could face serious consequences. Parents who are negatively affected because the other parent violates the terms may which to seek changes to the arrangements.

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