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Domestic Violence Attorney

Protective injunctions are also known as restraining orders or orders of protection. A civil domestic violence injunction is filed by an individual alleging to be a victim of domestic violence or at risk of becoming a victim of domestic violence. It is separate from a criminal charge of domestic assault and does not by itself lead to a criminal proceeding.

In Florida, the law also recognizes the need for protective injunctions for sexual violence, dating violence, repeat violence, and stalking. These injunctions are for persons that are not in a family relationship, do not share a residence, and do not have children together.

Protecting the Victims of Domestic Violence

A civil injunction is designed to provide temporary and immediate safety to an individual. It may result in a domestic order of protection, which will prevent the spouse, family member, or household member from contacting the alleged victim.
At Peppler Law P.A., we aggressively advocate for victims of domestic violence. We will take every measure to help you and any children in your household gain independence from an abusive partner.

Your Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

We also represent individuals who have been falsely accused of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, many individuals file false charges of domestic abuse in an attempt to gain the upper hand in a divorce, custody dispute, or other family law matter.
A civil injunction and a domestic order of protection is a serious legal matter. The alleged abuser can lose their constitutional right to bear arms and speak freely to the victim, and it can also affect parental rights for visitation and custody of their children.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, it is critical to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Your future and freedoms may be at risk, even if criminal charges have not been filed.

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Peppler Law, P.A. is an experienced and compassionate family law attorney. Attorney Thomas R. Peppler has more than four decades of experience in family law matters with a reputation for strong advocacy skills. If you are a petitioner who has requested a civil injunction or if you have been served with a temporary restraining order, contact our office today, as you have much at stake.

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