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Trusted Advice For
You And Your Family

What To Do Before You File For Divorce

Filing for divorce is a difficult step to take. We understand at Peppler Law P.A. Attorney Thomas Peppler has more than 35 years of experience handling divorce issues in Winter Springs and throughout central Florida.

Steps To Take Before Divorce

Preparation is key if you are thinking about filing for divorce. We can guide you through the divorce process so you feel prepared and confident that your case is being handled in the most effective and efficient manner.

What can you do to prepare for divorce? Below are the steps to take before you file for divorce:

  • Collect bank statements documenting your assets, including your checking account, savings account and retirement and pension funds.
  • Document your debts, including your mortgage and other loans in your name as well as in your spouse’s name.
  • Document all property owned by you alone and owned together with your spouse.
  • Document any concerns about your spouse — this can include the potential of hidden assets or if you believe he or she is unfit to care for your children.
  • Document how often you spend time with your children and your role and responsibility in their life.

Be careful what you say to others and on social media platforms about your pending divorce. Anything you post, including photos, may harm your divorce case.

Providing Effective And Individualized Divorce Advice

Our lawyer has extensive experience helping his clients navigate through the divorce process. Let us answer your questions and help you prepare for this process. Gathering specific information will help us prepare a strong case and address any potential concerns.

We represent clients in Winter Springs, Oviedo, Orlando and throughout Seminole County. Learn more about what steps to take and how we can help by scheduling a consultation. Call us at 407-792-6697 or fill out our online form.