Resolving Contract Disputes

At Peppler Law P.A., we look to help our clients draft and implement contracts that protect their interests and avoid disputes. With years of experience, we understand many of the elements that need to go into a contract to ensure it holds up over the long term. Still, there may be unforeseen complications that arise when signing parties choose to dispute the terms of the contract. If you are involved in a commercial or business contract dispute, we can help you address the issue and resolve the dispute as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Experience To Know When To Negotiate And When To Litigate

Attorney Thomas Peppler has more than 35 years of legal experience — with a majority of that time spent representing clients throughout central Florida. Having handled a wide variety of civil litigation matters throughout his career, he understands the importance of finding a quick, sustainable resolution to ensure businesses can avoid costly interruptions and delays. By working closely with clients, Mr. Peppler can recommend a strategy for negotiating an amicable agreement or pursuing litigation in the following types of contract disputes:

Whether the situation calls for litigation or negotiations, preparation is the key to reaching a positive outcome. Attorney Peppler has the skill and resources to thoroughly vet your case, examine the details of the contract and subsequent dispute, and arrive at the negotiations table or courtroom fully prepared to advocate for our clients.

Protecting Your Interests During Contract Disputes

To discuss the details of your case with attorney Peppler, contact our law office and schedule an appointment. Call 407-792-6697 or submit an online contact form to receive a prompt response. Our clients come from Oviedo, Winter Springs, Orlando and throughout central Florida.