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Which Custody Arrangement is Best for Your Family?


Florida does not use the term “custody” in family matters because the presumption is that the parties will engage in shared parenting.  The parties must try to agree upon a Parenting Plan to define who takes care of children after a divorce. Parenting Plans specify each parent’s right to the minimum amount of time they […]

What are Protective Injunctions?

Protective order

If you are in immediate danger of abuse or stalking, it is vital to seek help right away. Protective injunctions can be temporary or permanent court orders that protect a victim (the petitioner) from an alleged abuser (the respondent). Filing a protective injunction is a matter that should be taken very seriously. Therefore, it is […]

A Guide to Parenting Plans


When co-parenting with a partner, it’s vital that both parties’ parental rights are protected and that the child’s best interest is considered when determining custody. That’s why parenting plans, or custodial agreements, are an essential part of the co-parenting process. Parenting plans ensure both parties are on the same page and that there is no […]

Should I have a prenuptial agreement?

Prenup agreement

One controversial question that many engaged couples ask attorneys is whether they should have a prenuptial agreement. Some couples believe prenuptial agreements instill a lack of confidence or trust. Whereas other couples believe prenuptial agreements provide security in financial, marital expectations. Regardless of the couples’ viewpoints, prenups can help set a solid foundation for the […]