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Estate Planning When You Own a Business—What You Need to Know

You’ve worked hard to build your business where it is today. When making your estate plan, you’ll want to consider some things to ensure your business becomes your legacy. Estate planning for business owners comes with a unique set of concerns you’ll want to address before you pass away. Here are some elements to consider […]

Estate Planning After a Divorce: Your Questions, Answered

When you make your estate plan with your spouse, you’re probably not thinking about what would happen if you eventually divorced. However, many people are in this exact situation. With all the elements that go into filing for divorce, many people overlook updating their estate plans to reflect their new marital status. Updating your estate […]

Characteristics You Should Look for in a Personal Representative

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when drafting your will and creating your estate plan is to appoint a personal representative, sometimes called an “executor,” to handle your estate after you pass away. Personal representatives are responsible for notifying beneficiaries, valuing the estate, and handling creditor claims. Ultimately, personal representatives are tasked with […]

Contesting a Will: What You Need to Know

Probate is the legal process of executing a person’s will and distributing their assets to beneficiaries. A will ensures an estate is handled according to your loved one’s last wishes. However, family members may disagree about the will’s creation, validity, and execution. In such cases, a relative or beneficiary may challenge (also called contest) the […]

What Is a Power of Attorney, and When Should You Have One?

When you face a medical emergency that prevents you from communicating with others, how will your family handle your day-to-day responsibilities and make medical decisions on your behalf? Advanced directives are legal documents that indicate your desires for medical, financial, and legal care in an emergency. These documents allow others to act on your behalf […]

Essential Documents for Comprehensive Estate Plan

Contract signing

A comprehensive estate plan ensures that your loved ones can fulfill your last wishesand settle your estate if you become incapacitated or in the case of death. Estate plansinclude a variety of documents that serve a specific purpose regarding medicaldecisions, giving possessions to family members and friends, and handling the financialaspects of your estate. These […]