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Paternity: fathers play a critical role in children's development

Across Florida there are many children that are born out of wedlock. This can and often does present a number of issues. For example, a custodial parent, which in this case would be the child's mother, may struggle to carry the financial burden of raising that child to the age of majority. On the other hand, fathers may have trouble developing a relationship with their child, especially considering the fact that they are not automatically bestowed with legal rights to the child.

How to disestablish paternity in Florida

The establishment of paternity has significant legal ramifications. It allows a custodial mother to seek child support, a noncustodial father to seek visitation and child custody, and a child to develop a relationship with his or her father. While the law generally favors the establishment of paternity for these reasons, there are instances where the disestablishment of paternity may be justified. Doing so, of course, relieves a man of his obligation to pay child support and his right to seek further contact with the child in question.

Law firm competently handles paternity issues

Last month on the blog we discussed how paternity can be established. Taking the necessary steps to establish paternity is no small thing. After all, men who establish paternity bring to life a number of parental rights. They suddenly have the right to seek visitation and custody, and if they obtain custody they can then seek child support.Paternity issues can arise, though, that threaten an individuals rights. The law creates certain presumptions that a man is a child's father that can only be overcome if certain steps and specific pieces of evidence are presented to a court. Failing to take these steps and present this evidence can leave a man unable to develop the relationship and the bond he desires with his child. Looking at paternity from a mother's perspective, it can be just as important, as it can allow her to seek child support from an absent father, and in some instances it may allow her to give her child the relationship he or she deserves with his or her father.Paternity issues, like most family law matters, can be very challenging to successfully address. Oftentimes, people find paternity issues confusing, especially in instances where more than one man has been alleged to be a child's father. This is why it is often critical to have a skilled legal ally on your side when addressing paternity issues. Competent family law attorneys, like those found that our law firm, have experience dealing with these issues and know what must be done in order to achieve desired results. Therefore, it is in an individual's best interest to sit down with an attorney of his or her choosing to figure out how best to address the problem at hand.There is a lot at stake in paternity cases. Of course there's money in the form of child support, but there is also the deep and long-lasting relationship between a parent and a child. With so much at stake it doesn't make sense to let these issues play out as they will or to try to handle them on one's own. Instead, consider reaching out to a skilled legal professional who can provide you with the assistance that you and your child deserve.

How do you establish the paternity of a baby?

When a child is born in Florida, an important determination that is always made is the determination of the baby's paternity, in other words who the father is. This happens in a straightforward manner. If the baby's parents are married to each other, the husband of the mother is legally presumed to be the baby's father. If the parents are not married to each other, the baby's paternity must be established with a legal process. This blog post will discuss this legal process in a little more detail.

Florida residents may have child custody & support options

When Florida residents are going through situations in which they will face legal proceedings, they may want to understand their options. This may be particularly true for parties who are facing child custody & support negotiations. Though there are many aspects of the processes that are dictated by law, individuals may still have certain options for how support could be handled.

Outside of marriage, a paternity action establishes parent rights

Disputes over child custody, child support and visitation are probably understood by most people in Florida only in the context of divorce. That might have been true 20 years ago, but not today. Children are born out of wedlock all the time. And regardless of whether parents are married or not, the law makes the presumption that both parents of a child have equal obligations to provide for the child's best interest.

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