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What is non-invasive paternity testing?

In a situation where you need to determine the father of your baby quickly, you may dread having to wait until you deliver the baby to find out. However, you may have concerns about paternity testing prior to birth due to stories about how it can cause miscarriages or have other negative effects on the baby.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, there is now an option that provides a way to find out paternity as early as seven weeks without the risks, called non-invasive paternity testing.


Due to the way non-invasive paternity testing works, you cannot use it if you are pregnant with multiples. The reason being is that it is not possible to isolate the DNA of each fetus using the technology available. Of course, advancements in the future could make this possible.


Non-invasive testing requires a simple blood sample from you and a DNA swab from the potential father. Inside your body is DNA from your baby, which the lab can isolate and match with the father’s DNA.

The lab will have to first separate your DNA and that of the fetus. Once it has a profile for the baby, it compares it to the potential father. It can match DNA at as high of a probability as any other testing method.

The testing and lab work takes about a week in most cases. There is zero harm to you or your baby during the process, and the results are as accurate as other paternity testing methods. It is a viable option if you have concerns about the safety of the more invasive methods used in the past.


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