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Types of divorce in Florida

Florida allows divorcing couples to seek either a simplified or regular dissolution of marriage. The best route for you depends on your marital and financial circumstances as well as your preference.

Review the types of divorce in Florida if you have separated from your spouse and plan to end the marriage.

Simplified dissolution

The simplified dissolution allows you to streamline the divorce process. In this type of divorce, you do not have to provide mandatory financial disclosure, though either spouse can request disclosure if desired. You can ask for a simplified divorce if you agree with your spouse about property division, you have no children younger than 18 together, and neither of you plans to ask for spousal support.

Regular dissolution

This type of Florida divorce process applies if you have minor children together, cannot agree on property division or plan to seek alimony. The regular dissolution process starts when you or your spouse files a petition with the county court where you live. The other person can respond within 20 days. Both of you must disclose your finances to the court within 45 days.

Depending on the issues of contention, the judge may order you and your spouse to go to mediation. During this process, you attempt to come to an agreement outside of court. Otherwise, the court will make a determination at a final hearing. Both you and your spouse can present evidence to support your positions on child custody, property division and spousal support.

When you and your spouse have been together for a short time and have few issues to settle, simplified dissolution may be right for you.

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