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Trusted Advice For
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How can you keep your divorce amicable?

Amicable divorce may, at times, sound like an oxymoron. If are prepared to divorce your spouse, you need to try to stay on civil terms. When you act civilly, you are more likely to receive the assets that you deserve and you may experience fewer stressors.

NBC News has some tips on how to have an amicable divorce.

Strive for communication

If you were having a difficult time communicating during your relationship, you may find it even more difficult to do so following the split. Try to stay as amicable as possible. If you remain open to productive communication, you are more likely to be satisfied at the end of the proceedings. It is easier to split the assets or to work on child custody and support, if you have children. This is the time to work on your communication skills.

Organize the financial details

Once you split, your incomes will also split. How the income splits depends on your shared income and whether you both held jobs. You need to know where your income will come from following the divorce. Take into the consideration all your expenses. Go through your financial documents to ensure that you know what debts or liabilities you have and how much money you have in all your accounts.

Make sure that you do not overlook healthcare. If you are on your spouse’s healthcare plan or if he or she is on yours, you need to consider what will happen following the divorce. If you need new insurance, will you have access at your job?

Remember that divorce is difficult and the best that you can do is be compassionate to yourself to avoid excess stress.

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