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Simplified vs. regular marriage dissolution in Florida

Some Florida marriages qualify for a simplified divorce process. Other couples must undergo a standard Florida divorce.

Learn more about the differences between simplified and regular marriage dissolution, both of which apply to people who have lived in the state for six or more months prior to filing for divorce.

Simplified marriage dissolution

Individuals can file for a simplified divorce if they prefer not to provide mandatory financial disclosure. However, the court will only approve this request when the couple agrees on property and debt division, both people agree to forgo alimony and they have no children together who are younger than 18.

Regular marriage dissolution

Couples who have children must submit a standard divorce petition in Florida. This process also applies when one or both individuals will request spousal support, and when the couple does not agree on property and debt division.

After one person files the petition in the county where he or she lives, the other person has 20 days to submit a legal response. Within 45 days of the initial filing, both individuals must complete the court’s required financial disclosures.

Sometimes, Florida courts require couples to attempt mediation to resolve contentious issues. Otherwise, the judge will make a decision on the couple’s behalf. He or she will consider the child’s best interest when creating a custody arrangement. The couple’s financial information plays a role in the determination of asset division, spousal support and child support.

When a couple has a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, the court will also review that legal document when determining a fair divorce settlement.

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