Florida parents like you have many matters to handle when working through divorce. One of these matters involves breaking the news of divorce to your loved ones. Even adults can struggle to process the idea of a split. So how will your child handle it?

Parents like you ask questions about this often. Is there a way to break the news gently? Is there an age at which a child should not learn of the divorce at all? Does how you handle it differ depending on their age?

Taking age into consideration

Psychology Today discusses ways to break the news of divorce to your child. To answer the above questions, there are some ways of telling your child that are more gentle than others. And your child’s age does matter when it comes to deciding how to tell them about divorce.

Some children are too young to understand divorce as a concept. A young toddler, for example, likely will not get what you are trying to convey. Chances are they will not remember what life was like before the divorce, either. But older toddlers and above should get an explanation for what is happening.

Your child’s personal reactions

Take more than your child’s age into consideration, too. Personality and maturity level also affect how a child reacts to news about divorce. For one child, straightforward information may work best. For another, you might have to lead in with a lot of soothing. For any child, make sure it is clear that you do not blame them for the divorce. Reassure them that you will both love them no matter how your family dynamic changes.