Co-parenting can be very challenging, even if you and your ex-spouse have a reasonable working relationship. One of the more challenging aspects of co-parenting is shuttling the children between different residences.

In response to these challenges, some families are trying out nesting as a living arrangement. Nesting is when your kids stay in one residence and the parents move in and out based upon the custody agreement, as per Psychology Today.

What should we know before nesting?

Nesting requires a level of communication that goes beyond most co-parenting plans. You will need to sit down with your ex-spouse and figure out who is going to pay the bills related to the family home, and also what the living arrangements will be for the off-duty parent.

In some nesting arrangements, the off-duty parent lives with other family or friends. In other arrangements, the parents decide to maintain a separate apartment for being off-duty. Thus, it is the parents moving between two separate living situations and not the children. Nesting can be a great way to provide extra stability for your children, particularly in the beginning stages of divorce when the parents are figuring out next steps.

What if I want to start a new relationship?

This is something that you and your ex-spouse should discuss prior to entering a nesting situation. If one or both parents decides to start another relationship, the nesting arrangement must accommodate this. Since nesting is usually a temporary arrangement, some families get around this by agreeing not to date others until the nesting period is over. Others agree to allow dating, but not allow new significant others into the family house with the kids.