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Relocating to a new community can present challenges

Parental relocation can be a contentious issue if divorced parents share custody of children. Some parents may want to move to another city or state for good reasons such as education or a new work opportunity. But courts do not always approve of relocation, not if moving runs counter to the best interests of the children. 

A parent considering relocation has many things to consider before moving. Not all relocations work out even if the intentions behind them are good. Business News Daily explains some of the challenges involved in relocating. 

Proper child care and schooling

A parent who relocates with children should make proper provision for them with a good school and the ability to meet their needs there. Some parents relocate because they have family members in the new community who can help them with child rearing. This might make it easier for a judge to approve the move. If a parent goes to a totally unfamiliar place that will not serve the children well, a judge may have problems granting the relocation. 

Culture shock

Living in a new community can produce culture shock, a feeling or loneliness from living in a strange, unfamiliar place. Parents may experience this as well as their children, so it may help to visit the community a few times to make sure it is a suitable place to live. A judge might have problems if the children find the new community too difficult to adjust to. 

Acclimating to a new job

A favorable argument for relocation is that a parent can find a well paying job in another community. Still, a parent should prepare for the possibility that the job might not work out. Some jobs take time to become accustomed to. A parent may need to earn the respect of colleagues and master new skill sets. Testing out a job might reveal early on whether it can work out or not. 

The pros of relocation

Even with the challenges involved, a parent may still find a fulfilling life in a new community and benefit his or her children. A new location can offer a better climate, new friends, a secure job, and increase a standard of living. Even so, a judge will scrutinize a request for relocation carefully, so a parent must take care to present a well thought out case for moving. 

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