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The consequences of failing to pay child support

The laws in Florida are stringent when it comes to matters surrounding child support. Failure to pay child support may lead a parent into serious problems, especially if they can pay the support. It is easy for the court to find parents in contempt, a severe offense that may grant you some jail time. 

If the circumstances of the parent changes and they are suddenly not able to pay for child support, they should write to the court and ask them to modify the existing support order. By appealing to the court, a parent may avoid being in contempt of court by not following a court order, a decision that may prevent them from getting criminal charges. 

A fellow parent may as well file a case against another parent for not paying child support. They may get them to pay for child support through the department of revenue, or if not, they may have to file a case for hearing. 

The department of revenue passes a motion of contempt where a hearing officer determines that the parent did not pay child support. If a parent is found to have ignored the child support, they can receive penalties such as: 

  • Paying a fine 
  • Driving license suspension 
  • Prison time 
  • Seizure of bank account 
  • Forfeiture of income tax refund 

Once the hearing officer finds that a parent is guilty of failing to pay the child support fees. They write a form of an order and send it to a judge for signing. The parent may challenge the decision before the judge gives the final rule. 

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