Florida residents who have a will written may want to revisit it from time to time. Though having a will at all is a step ahead of the crowd, you cannot simply write one and forget about it. You should keep it updated through all major life changes. 

A will represents your life at the current moment. Due to life’s unexpected changes, you may have to rewrite your will several times. For example, have you had any changes to your family dynamics recently? This can include marriage, remarriage, divorce, or inviting a new child into your life through birth or adoption. In any of these instances, you will likely want to change who you have left assets to. 

Financial matters can change as well. Have you recently come into an inheritance or other large sum of money? You will want to ensure this gets passed down as you wish. Likewise, if you have fallen into debt and filed for bankruptcy, you will want your asset division to reflect that, too. 

Keep an eye on the laws in your area. They can change every now and then. If your will depends on certain laws that become defunct, you will need to change it. If you move to another state, look into their laws on estate planning and wills, too. You may need to edit so your will is compliant with your new home. 

Do you want to read more about trusts, probate, and wills? Check out our web page on wills and trusts, linked here. Probate is a complex thing that a person can spend hours looking into and reading more about.