Often, when people think about who to name as the executor of their estate, they turn to a family member. For example, many people designate a spouse or one of their children to take care of this crucial task. However, some people may decide that a close friend is the best person to take on these responsibilities, whether their spouse has passed away, they believe that nobody else in their life is capable of handling these duties or they simply trust their friend more than anyone else. If you are thinking about asking your friend to watch over your estate after you pass on, there are a number of considerations to review beforehand.

For starters, you should make sure that your friend is fully committed to taking on these critical responsibilities and capable of managing your estate properly. It is vital to discuss these issues with your friend and see how they feel about being listed as the executor of your estate. You may need to answer some questions they have, and you may have to give them some time to decide whether this is something they are interested in. Whatever you do, make sure that you have found the best person for the job.

Some people have very close friends that they have known since childhood and they are able to turn to these friends for help whenever they need it. If your friend is fully capable of serving as the executor of your estate, this could give you a sense of relief with the knowledge that your estate will be in good hands.