Marriage dissolution can present a number of issues that must be sorted through before the parties can move on with their lives. Although many people who are facing divorce simply want to get the matter over with as quickly as possible, they need to take the time needed to ensure a fair and appropriate outcome that protects not only their best interests, but also the best interests of their children.

Recently, we discussed how a parenting plan can help provide post-divorce unity when raising children. These agreements can provide children with much needed consistency, and it can help alleviate parents’ concerns about how their children are being raised when they are with their other parent. When properly negotiated and executed in writing, these agreements can be extremely beneficial.

Yet, not every divorcing couple will be able to hash out their child custody and visitation disputes on amicable terms. They may disagree over how to raise children, or they may not want their children with the other parent on a consistent basis, or even at all. These child custody and visitation disputes can be heated, and they oftentimes lead to contested negotiations and courtroom battles. This is why Florida parents need to be prepared to make strong legal arguments that meet their needs. A competent family law team, like the one at our firm, knows just how to do that.

With extensive experience, our firm is well-versed in gathering evidence necessary to support our clients’ positions. If substance abuse, domestic violence, physical or emotional abuse, or even lack of contact poses a threat to a child’s well-being, we stand ready to argue just how damaging contact with a noncustodial parent can be. We also help fathers assert their legal rights, so they can develop the relationship with their children that they deserve. Regardless of one’s divorce needs, we stand ready to assist.