The financial ramifications of the end of a marriage can be immense. This is especially true for those seeking a divorce in Florida or elsewhere in the United States who have a high net worth. These individuals can find the property division process to be painstakingly meticulous, and discussions about alimony can set the stage for one’s post-divorce financial well-being. In other words, there is a lot at stake during marriage dissolution proceedings. Perhaps no one knows this more than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Bezos recently took to the Internet to announce that he and his wife of 25 years are parting ways. Bezos’ estimated wealth is somewhere near $137 billion. Since Amazon was founded prior to the Bezos’ marriage, the property division process may be complex and potentially costly. In fact, Bezos’ wife may be entitled to half of that $137 billion.

However, this likely won’t be the case. Reports indicate that Bezos’ wife will likely want the familial wealth to continue to grow, which may be difficult if she takes half of the marital wealth. This is because much of the couple’s wealth is tied up in Amazon stock. Forcing Jeff Bezos to sell that stock will result in diminished ownership of the company. Therefore, many believe that another resolution will be reached.

This divorce is expected to end amicably, but it will still likely be one of the most expensive divorces in U.S. history. While property division laws vary by state, the Bezos’ divorce highlights how much can be at stake in a high-asset divorce. In addition to property division, those engaged in these types of marital dissolutions will have to figure out how to address alimony and, depending on the circumstances, child custody and child support issues. Failing to appropriately handle these matters can result in unwanted consequences that can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. This is why it is advisable to have a competent legal professional on one’s side when dealing with divorce.