Issues related to child custody and child support can linger until a child reaches the age of majority, which is 18. The outcome of disputes involving these issues can have serious ramifications. Relationships with one’s children can be built or destroyed, and financial standing can be solidified or ruined. Therefore, there is a lot at stake when dealing with child custody and support matters, which is why those confronting them should consider seeking help from a qualified family law attorney.

One group of people who are often overlooked and mistreated during the process of addressing child custody and child support issues are fathers. Far too often attorneys and courts view mothers as the only viable option for physical custody, and fathers are often pushed to the side. Their visitation is often restricted, and they are usually ordered to pay child support. This world-view may be unfair, but until it changes it is the reality that Florida men will have to deal with for the time being.

So what can fathers do to improve their positions in child custody and child support cases? When it comes to child support, men who owe an obligation should do their best to make good on their payments. When they can’t make payments in full, they should pay what they can afford. If a child support obligation is financially crippling, then it’s probably time to think about seeking child support modification in an attempt to lessen the payments that need to be made.

With regard to child custody, men who believe they are the father of a child should work to establish paternity. This opens the door to parental rights, including the right to seek visitation and custody. By stepping up sooner rather than later, fathers can improve their impression on the court, which may give them better standing when making legal arguments.

Men often face an uphill battle when dealing with child custody and child support issues. Yet, with strong legal arguments, they can position themselves to make a difference in their child’s life while at the same time protecting their own financial viability. To learn more about what can be done to address these matters, men should think about speaking with an attorney they trust to represent them to the fullest extent possible.