When Orlando spouses find that they are in a bad marriage, it may be a good idea to get out of it as soon as practicable. Many people have found that divorcing can be the first step to a much better relationship. One show biz personality recently talked about how her divorce turned out to be the gateway to a better life.

Mandy Moore is a singer; she also stars in the hit TV show “This Is Us.” She described how years ago, she was stuck in an unhappy marriage with musician Ryan Adams. According to Moore, the marriage was an unhealthy situation and she felt she had chosen the wrong person. She said she didn’t feel guilty about getting divorced, as it helped her find her way out of the unhealthy situation.

After the divorce was finalized, Moore was still dealing with the emotional aftereffects when she met rock musician Taylor Goldsmith. Moore described Goldsmith, now her fiance, as very supportive and someone who will be a great parent. She said she was happy to have undergone the divorce experience as it led her to a very satisfying relationship.

Divorce can involve a number of issues, such as spousal support, asset and debt division, and business concerns which can impact musicians like Moore as well as other entrepreneurs. If the couple has children, issues such as child support payments and child custody will have to be resolved.

How are these kinds of issues resolved? In many cases, it is possible to negotiate an agreement that is acceptable to both parties and is approved by the family law court. When this isn’t possible, the parties have the option of using litigation and letting the court make the decisions.