Visitation interference is a serious matter. When parents are granted joint physical custody of a child, they must agree to abide by and respect the visitation time of the other parent. If one chooses not to do so, there are legal remedies available.

When one parent becomes angry or bitter toward the other it is often the child stuck in the middle who suffers the most. Forcibly alienating a child from one parent is not only emotionally damaging to the child, but is strongly frowned upon by courts across the nation. For this reason, a parent who is experiencing custody visitation interference can turn to the court for help.

A family court Judge can order make-up visitation time for the time that was missed. In addition, the non-compliant parent can be fined or ordered to perform community service. Depending on the circumstances and best interests of the child, a change in the custody plan may also be ordered. One of the best things an alienated parent can do is to keep an ongoing record of all denied visitations and other interferences. This will become crucial evidence if the matter has to be presented before a Judge. Some child custody interference matters can reach such alarming levels that criminal charges such as kidnapping can be involved.

If custody interference is something you are experiencing, contacting an attorney as soon as possible can not only offer guidance on how to preserve your own rights, but also how to document evidence. Further, the less amount of time you allow a child to become alienated, the less emotional damage both of you are likely to suffer. Keep your relationship in tact by taking swift action.