Going through divorce can take a serious toll on the couple involved and any children they may have. Florida residents may face concerns when it comes to child custody & support, and as a result, their custody arrangements may not always be foolproof. Though many individuals may opt for co-parenting as part of their agreements, both parents may not share an equal load.

However, even if one parent feels that the other is more absent than appropriate, speaking badly of either parent may not be the best option. Children themselves may not fully understand the situation, and if one parent says negative things about the other, the children may be adversely affected. Therefore, parents may wish to keep such comments out of hearing of their children.

If the co-parenting agreement is facing issues because one parent entices unnecessary conflict, the children could also suffer. They may be excited to spend time with their parent only to face uncertainty when an argument breaks out. As a result, the more hands-on parent may feel some relief when the other parent stays away. 

Of course, the important thing to remember during child custody & support issues is the best interests of the children. Though some parents may hope that co-parenting is the answer, such an agreement is not best for all circumstances. If Florida residents believe that they are facing issues with their custody agreements, they may wish to find out more information on potential modification options in hopes of giving their children more structure.

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