Many Florida residents may wonder whether they should stay in a situation that is not ideal if it means saving others from being significantly impacted. This concern may be one for some parents considering divorce. They may worry that ending the marriage could cause children to face negative outcomes due to the child custody & support settlements. Though these concerns are understandable, parents may wish to consider the situation from various angles. 

Before deciding to stay in a relationship just solely for the sake of the children, those parents may wish to consider what the living situation would be like. Remaining married does not necessarily mean that the parents are happy or that the entire family is happy. Issues could come about and tensions could make the arrangement potentially more uncomfortable and unhealthy for children.

Custody outcomes do not necessarily have to be nightmare situations either. There are multiple options when it comes to how custody terms can be made. Individuals may be able to utilize joint custody in some cases while others may find sole custody is more suited to their circumstances. The details of each case play a considerable role in which outcomes may be considered best. 

Staying together for the kids may seem admirable in theory, but Florida parents and children alike could find themselves facing feelings of resentment and blame. Therefore, individuals who are concerned with child custody & support may wish to find out more information before making any serious decisions. Consulting with an experienced divorce attorney could help interested parties gain more insight into how their particular situations could be impacted.

Source:, “Should you stay together for the kids?”, David Snell, Aug. 15, 2016