When individuals decide that it is time for their marriage to come to an end, they likely want a speedy and pain-free process. Some Florida residents may believe that such divorce proceedings are few and far between, but it is possible for individuals to work through their proceedings in a timely manner if the circumstances are right. Even celebrity couples could go through a smooth process that lasts only a few weeks. 

It was recently reported that actress Drew Barrymore finalized her divorce from husband Will Kopelman this month. The couple had reportedly separated in March, and Barrymore went on to file for divorce in July. Because the situation was an amicable, uncontested divorce, the proceedings lasted less than a month and settlements have already been made. 

The now ex-couple apparently had little conflict over property and child custody proceedings, which undoubtedly helped their case move forward quickly and avoid court appearances. As a result, the two will apparently continue raising their young daughters together, though details regarding the custody arrangements were not reported. The parents did release a statement saying that their children were their top priority. 

As this case shows, divorce cases can be completed in a timely and efficient manner if the parties involved are able to cooperate. Of course, not every divorce can go perfectly, and individuals may wish to prepare for possible conflicts. Florida residents who may have concerns regarding certain aspects of the divorce process may wish to find out more information on how they can work toward their desired outcomes.

Source: eonline.com, “Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman Finalize Their Divorce“, Kendall Fisher, Aug. 4, 2016