If Florida residents come to a point in their marriages where one or both individuals feel that the relationship is coming to an end, they may believe there is no hope for saving it. As a result, divorce is often seriously considered. However, if individuals feel that the time has come to end their marriage, broaching the topic could set the tone for how the process is carried out.

If one individual springs the idea of divorce on his or her spouse in a hostile manner, the bar could be set for considerable conflicts throughout the proceedings. One or both parties may become defensive and feel that the option for an amicable approach was never given. However, if individuals calmly discuss the desire for divorce and the reasons behind that decision, the entire process may move forward more smoothly. 

An amicable approach is possible in many cases, and for such low conflict situations, mediation may be a viable option. Mediation allows for individuals to negotiate their settlements on their own terms. This option can often allow for a less time-consuming case without frequent court appearances. 

As with many aspects of life, the way divorce is initially approached could considerably affect how the individuals involved react to it. If Florida residents would like to work toward an amicable process, they may wish to engage in a calm and meaningful discussion. If such a discussion is successful, they may wish to consult with an experienced attorney to learn more about mediation and other divorce options.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Avoid Tragic Ending: Start With a Negotiated Farewell and Divorce Mediation“, Dr. Jamie Williamson, Aug. 15, 2016