It would not be unwarranted for Florida residents facing divorce to hope that their proceedings move quickly. However, divorce is a complicated process, and for many parties, the experience could prove difficult. There are a variety of reasons why issues could arise, but specific life details and emotional upheaval may be among the top reasons for complications.

Because each case is different, there is no set way for divorces to be handled. Individuals who have been married for a relatively short period and have no children may face a simpler process than parties who have been married for decades, share children and have complicated financial aspects to address. If a case must deal with numerous assets when it comes to property division, the proceedings may take an extended period of time.

Emotions can also cause complications during divorce. Understandably, ending a marriage is not often considered a happy time, and as a result, emotions may not always remain in check. Individuals may find themselves rethinking every issue that occurred during their marriages, and such actions could result in lengthy proceedings. Additionally, individuals often have emotional investments in their children, property and other aspects that could cause conflict. 

Having a difficult divorce does not have to leave individuals feeling stressed and harried. Florida residents may be able to find assistance that allows the process to feel like less of a burden and more as if they are moving forward in their lives. Consulting with experienced divorce attorneys may help interested individuals find out more about how to handle their legal processes. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “The Top Five Reasons Why Divorce Is So Hard — Even If You Have An Attorney“, Jason Levoy, July 28, 2016