When a divorce is finalized, the settlement terms often detail how the divorced couple will interact with each other when necessary. These terms must be followed when the conditions are applicable, although some individuals may agree to act in different manners on occasion. However, if issues arise between the divorcing individuals, citing the divorce agreement may help keep conflict to a minimum.

It is not rare for divorced Florida couples to find themselves feeling amicable toward each other. Some individuals may be willing to bend the terms of their agreements as a favor to one party and carry out an action that may not be required. However, doing a favor of this sort does not mean that the settlement terms can be ignored in the future. If an individual does not wish to act in such a favorable manner, he or she cannot be forced to go against the settlement terms.

Because agreements can play significant roles in how certain aspects of their lives are carried out, individuals will likely want to ensure that they fully understand their settlements. Reviewing the documents with their legal counsel could help individuals spot any inconsistencies or potential errors that may have been overlooked. This action could also give individuals the opportunity to have the agreements explained completely to ensure that they are understood. 

Although some individuals may be able to divorce and never see each other again, some Florida residents may have reasons for staying in contact with ex-spouses. For the latter individuals, divorce settlements could weigh heavily on their minds. Therefore, they may wish to work toward the outcomes they find most agreeable and consult with their legal counsel on how to achieve their goals.

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