Divorcing parents often face many concerns when it comes to the well-being of their children. Because there are various aspects of their lives that could be disrupted due to the divorce, Florida parents in this type of situation will likely want to find out how they may best handle their child custody & support proceedings. As such, information on the different types of custody could prove valuable.

When it comes to physical custody, the decisions made will pertain to with whom the children will live. The agreements will either be determined by the parents themselves or the court when parents are unable to reach acceptable terms on their own. Primary custody decisions will involve one parent having physical custody most of the time while the other parent has visitation, and joint custody decisions result in both parents seeing the children at least 40 percent of the time.

With legal custody, the terms will determine which parent has what rights when it comes to making lifestyle decisions for the children. These decisions could relate to education, religion and how medical care is handled. In some cases, both parents will retain the ability to be involved in those decisions, and in other instances, one parent may be given more responsibility for those choices. 

The idea of not seeing their children all the time could weigh heavily on the minds of Florida parents. If these individuals are going through divorce and are concerned with child custody & support proceedings, they may wish to ensure that they have the proper information for addressing their cases. Parties interested in seeking assistance with working toward their desired outcomes may wish to discuss their concerns with experienced attorneys.

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