When Florida residents are going through situations in which they will face legal proceedings, they may want to understand their options. This may be particularly true for parties who are facing child custody & support negotiations. Though there are many aspects of the processes that are dictated by law, individuals may still have certain options for how support could be handled.

It is not uncommon for parents to be concerned about where the child support payments go. Meaning, some individuals may worry that the parent receiving the payments may be spending the money on him or herself rather than the children’s needs. Because parents cannot lower or increase support amounts on a whim if they feel there is warranted concern on how the money is spent, they may wish to consider taking certain actions during negotiations.

Some parties may not have thought about potentially making terms for how a portion of the support should be used. For example, some individuals may be able to agree to terms to indicate that some of the monthly support should be put towards children’s college funds. This way parents making payments may feel more secure in knowing that at least some of the money is going toward the well-being of the children’s futures.

Because child custody & support negotiations may be a trying time, many Florida residents may not think of potential agreement options. However, discussing concerns with an experienced attorney may help parties find out more information on how they may be able to legally ensure that their support payments are being utilized correctly. Taking advantage of local reliable resources could help individuals gain more knowledge on such proceedings.

Source: The Huffington Post, “A Quick Child Support Tip“, Al Corona, June 7, 2016