It is becoming more and more common for older individuals to find themselves following through with ending marriages. As a result, divorce rates may remain in that much-debated range of 50 percent. Reports stated that although some consider the idea that half of all marriages fail to be a falsehood, almost 53 percent of marriages could end if the current rates remain steady.

Some Florida residents may have a hard time believing such a statistic due to the perceived decrease in the divorce rate in recent years. It is true that younger individuals are divorcing less as they are waiting until later in life to tie the knot and giving more consideration to their partners. Additionally, the average length of marriages has increased, and individuals who do divorce are not getting remarried as often.

The divorce rate issue comes into play more when it comes to older adults. The rate of divorce for individuals in their 50s and 60s has doubled and, in some cases, tripled in recent years. Longer life spans may be a contributing factor as individuals may feel as if ending unhappy marriages is better than remaining unhappily tied down for another decade or two.

Of course, the decision to divorce could come at any age. What may be considered the average might not suit an individual’s particular circumstances. Therefore, Florida residents who are looking to move forward with divorce may wish to find out more about their options and the various proceedings that may come along with the dissolution of marriage. Consulting with an experienced attorney may prove useful to interested parties. 

Source:, “Boomers Are Making Sure the Divorces Keep Coming“, Ben Steverman, June 17, 2016