When an individual faces a big change in his or her life, it is common in this day and age to head to social media to discuss the topic. However, if the topic is divorce, Florida residents may wish to think twice before posting any scathing remarks or photos of their get-away destinations. Because social media creates a permanent log of a user’s life, he or she could be potentially creating evidence to be used during divorce proceedings.

Many individuals may head to social media during such times because news can spread quickly, and supportive friends are only a click away. However, if individuals post photos from vacations and dating websites or vent about their anger and frustration over the situation, these posts could potentially be taken out of their intended context. As a result, parties may be unintentionally setting themselves up to look bad in court.

These posts could be particularly harmful when it comes to negotiations regarding finances. If individuals are seeking alimony or child support, they may not wish to post photos of themselves taking vacations or buying new, expensive items for themselves. The same goes for individuals looking to lower potential payments. Such photos could make parties appear to have more money and, therefore, not in need of payment changes.

Though it may be difficult to refrain from seeking support from social media, it may be in one’s best interest to do so during a divorce. If Florida residents are concerned about how such posts could be used as evidence, they may wish to find out additional information. Furthermore, consulting with an experienced family law attorney could help parties better understand other legal strategies as well.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Social Media + Divorce = Danger Ahead!“, Deanna Conklin-Danao, April 19, 2016