When Florida residents are concerned for the welfare of their children, the idea of potentially having to share custody could be anxiety-inducing. As a result, many individuals going through divorce could face considerable child custody & support issues. If parties would like to make the most out of their situations in attempts to make custody arrangements workable, they may wish to avoid certain actions.

First of all, trying to use children to gain information about the other parent and/or to send messages to the other parent could be a detrimental action. Essentially using children as spies could lead to the children feeling as if they may not be able to trust one parent or the other. Additionally, other parent-child relationship issues could arise, and the children could be negatively affected. 

Furthermore, parents may want to avoid trying to win the children’s favor by allowing them to do things that the other parent may not. This may mean that one parent relaxes the rules or does not enforce a punishment that the other parent finds necessary. As a result, children may begin to favor one parent or, at the least, feel as if the more strict parent is being unfair. 

Any of these actions could cause children to face emotional upset in one form or another. As a result, a parent may feel as if the other parent is creating a negative environment for the children. If Florida parents feel as if they are in such situations, they may wish to determine whether their child custody & support terms may need to be revisited in order to create the best environments possible for their children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorced and Parenting: Avoid the The Poison Ps“, Marie Hartwell-Walker, May 9, 2016