Not paying child support can have negative impacts on multiple individuals. Many single Florida parents rely on such support in order to buy necessities for their children. However, child custody & support issues are not uncommon, and if individuals do not make their required payments, they could face serious legal action in both criminal and family law courtrooms.

One man in another state is currently facing such a predicament after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man had been stopped by police due to talking on his cell phone while driving. During the stop, the officer presumably checked the man’s name, and a warrant for his arrest was discovered. The warrant pertained to the man’s apparent failure to make child support payments.

According to the warrant, the man was behind more than $22,500. However, it was unclear what his monthly support obligation may have been, and the number of missed payments was not disclosed in the report. Nonetheless, the man was taken into custody for the vehicle violation and then transferred to a county sheriff’s department in order for the warrant to be handled.

Many Florida residents likely want to avoid being in a situation similar to this man. Therefore, if they are having difficulty making their child support payments, they may want to determine whether a change of circumstance has occurred that could warrant modifications to their support agreements. Information on legal avenues for addressing child custody & support issues may help interested parties better understand their options.

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