There are many factors that Florida residents need to consider if they are thinking about filing for divorce. They may have already given attention to some aspects, such as how they would like child custody and/or property division proceedings to go. However, there are steps that parties need to take before the divorce even gets under way. 

First, individuals should consider when they would like to file for divorce. Many parties may be under the impression that the timing itself does not matter as long as it happens at a time they feel is fitting. However, there are other aspects that may be worth looking into, such as how marital assets will be affected by the filing. If individuals have retirement accounts that are contributed to periodically, they may wish to file sooner rather than later in hopes of making the amount to be divided less for the non-contributing spouse.

Another factor worth some thought is how the divorce papers are served to the other party. Some individuals think that they can simply hand the papers over to their exes themselves and the issue is handled. However, this method runs the risk of having the other party deny having received the papers at all. Alternatively, individuals should utilize a sheriff’s office or other legal avenue for having the papers served in order to include documentation of the date received.

Though divorce may seem like a significant step in and of itself, there are likely dozens of smaller steps that also need to be considered. As a result, Florida residents may feel as if they do not know where to start in order to head in the right direction. Luckily, individuals who are considering divorce can gain valuable advice by consulting with an experienced attorney.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Filing For Divorce In Spring? Avoid These 6 Perilous Mistakes!“, Bari Zell Weinberger, April 25, 2016