Needing the support of another individual may be difficult for some Florida residents to accept. However, many single parents often welcome child support payments that are supposed to be used for the needs of their children. Unfortunately, some individuals may find themselves in a child custody & support situation where the other parent has not been making payments, and difficulties could arise.

One man in another state is reportedly behind on his support payments by nearly $30,000. It was not mentioned in the report how this lack of payment has affected his children. However, it was noted that the man was under investigation and has been accused of willful neglect. He was recently booked in a county jail after being indicted on charges of failure to pay child support. 

Because the man has two minor children, he is facing two counts of the allegations. If the man is convicted of these charges, there is a potential for multiple years in jail and monetary fines. At the time of the report, there had not been any court dates set in relation to his case. 

Though the man is facing criminal legal action pertaining the situation, the parent who should be receiving the child support payments may also be interested in additional action. She and other similar Florida parents may wish to determine whether seeking child support modifications could best suit their circumstances. A change in child custody & support terms may allow for payments to be more easily made and received, which could in turn allow parents to gain some support rather than none at all. If individuals are interested in such action, they may wish to consult with experienced family law attorneys.

Source:, “Pontotoc man charged with not paying child support“, March 23, 2016