When parents divorce, it is common for custody proceedings to take place in order to determine where the children involved will spend their time and with whom. Child custody & support arrangements are legally binding, and if individuals fail to adhere to those terms, they could face serious consequences. Parents who are negatively affected because the other parent violates the terms may which to seek changes to the arrangements.

Florida parents may be interested in a situation currently taking place in another state involving a custody violation. Reports stated that the parents of an 11-year-old boy were granted shared custody by a family court. However, after the mother’s visitation was supposed to have ended, she did not return the boy to his father. The incident took place several months ago, and a warrant was issued for the mother’s arrest in December. 

The boy and mother were last seen in February, and the search is continuing in hopes of finding the two. The boy’s father is undoubtedly distraught over the situation. Because parental kidnapping is a serious violation of custody terms, he may wish to revisit that agreement in family court when the woman and child are located. 

Making changes to child custody & support terms could be warranted in certain situations. If Florida parents have faced similar circumstances and been victimized due to another parent’s disregard for custody terms, they may be interested in finding out more information on modifications. Changes in terms could allow individuals to feel more secure in knowing that their children are safe and that the agreements will be respected. 

Source: sacbee.com, “Sacramento County DA seeks mom in child-custody violation“, Bill Lindelof, March 29, 2016