Contesting a Will: What You Need to Know

Probate is the legal process of executing a person’s will and distributing their assets to beneficiaries. A will ensures an estate is handled according to your loved one’s last wishes. However, family members may disagree about the will’s creation, validity, and execution. In such cases, a relative or beneficiary may challenge (also called contest) the […]

Can I Get Sole Custody of My Kids in Florida?

In the past, family courts typically favored one parent regarding custody arrangements and child support. However, now courts recognize the need for both parents to be involved in their children’s lives. Florida courts have specifically eliminated phrases such as “visitation” and “custody” in favor of terms like “time-sharing” and “parental responsibility.” With this change, “sole […]

How to Modify Alimony

Alimony, or spousal support (as it’s referred to in Florida law), helps a spouse transition from married to single life after a divorce. Spousal support payments are separate from child support payments and exist to assist a lesser-earning spouse in getting back on their feet after the divorce. Spousal support isn’t granted automatically in every […]

What Is a Power of Attorney, and When Should You Have One?

When you face a medical emergency that prevents you from communicating with others, how will your family handle your day-to-day responsibilities and make medical decisions on your behalf? Advanced directives are legal documents that indicate your desires for medical, financial, and legal care in an emergency. These documents allow others to act on your behalf […]

Sole Proprietorship or LLC: Which Structure is Right for Your Business?

New business owners are faced with many decisions, from logo and website design to point-of-sale systems. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is determining your business entity, which defines how the local and federal government recognizes your business. Each business entity has specific requirements and offers various protections. Two of the most prevalent […]

Essential Documents for Comprehensive Estate Plan

Contract signing

A comprehensive estate plan ensures that your loved ones can fulfill your last wishesand settle your estate if you become incapacitated or in the case of death. Estate plansinclude a variety of documents that serve a specific purpose regarding medicaldecisions, giving possessions to family members and friends, and handling the financialaspects of your estate. These […]

What is a Protective Injunction, and When Should You File One?

A protective injunction, also called a “restraining order,” is an order that legally restricts someone from doing specific actions or compels them to perform others. Injunctions are created to help protect petitioners from physical harm or threat of violence against a respondent. An injunction is not a criminal charge, but a respondent could be arrested […]

<strong>What to Do When Someone Breaches a Business Contract</strong>

Contract Breach

Contracts are an important part of any business relationship. They are the basis for establishing the expectations of both parties involved in a business transaction. When someone does not follow the contract as it is laid out, you may need to seek legal counsel to recover damages to keep your business moving forward. Here is […]

<strong>What Prenuptial Agreements Should Include</strong>


Prenuptial agreements, commonly referred to as “prenups” or premarital agreements, are legal contracts couples sign before getting married. Prenups offer couples the opportunity to openly discuss the various financial aspects of their future relationship, from who will be responsible for health insurance to deciding how to handle paying off debts. To insure that the discussions […]

Creating Holiday Parenting Plan Arrangements


Creating a parenting plan or custody arrangement is an essential part of divorce proceedings for parents with children under 18. In Florida, there is no fixed or presumptive parenting plan.  The courts recognize that every family is unique.  Accordingly, parents are required to submit a parenting plan for court approval before divorce proceedings can be […]