Trusted Advice For
You And Your Family
Trusted Advice For
You And Your Family

What Happens At Our First Meeting?

Peppler Law P.A. provides comprehensive legal services for individuals, families and businesses in Oviedo, Winter Springs and throughout Seminole County in Florida. We have more than 35 years of experience in family law, estate planning and probate, civil litigation and corporate law

Meeting with an attorney may seem daunting. Our goal at Peppler Law P.A. is to ease your concerns and guide you through your legal matter.

We believe it is important to help you learn more about your case and how our law firm can help you. During our first meeting, we will get to know you and your specific concerns. We will learn more about you, your legal matter and where you are at in the process.

For Family Law Clients

We often educate our clients about the legal system, their options and what their rights and responsibilities are for each option in their case. We will help you understand how your case may impact your future and what steps we can take so you can make an informed decision.

In divorce cases, we offer a consultation at a reduced price of $250 per hour.

For Estate Planning Clients

Estate planning is all about planning for your future and protecting your goals. We will learn about you and your family, including how your family is structured. We will review your assets, how they are titled and the different options available to protect your family and preserve your assets. We will want to review your assets, debts and any other documentation that may play a role in your estate plan. A complete picture of your finances will help us develop a clear strategy to protect your goals.

Schedule Your First Meeting With Us

Our goal is to help give you a better sense of control. We want to make sure you have a clear idea of what is going on and what steps we can take when creating or revising your estate plan.

Speak to our lawyer about your specific issues to get a better sense of how we can help you. Schedule your first meeting by calling 407-792-6697 or send us an email.